Why Test Automation?

Searching for automated software testing solutions? Trying to determine the benefits and advantages of web automated testing? Automated tests increase efficiency and at the same time reduce costs by saving time and money. Furthermore, test automation is scalable, can run on multiple servers or computers and each test can be uniquely configured to run a specific task or multiple tasks throughout the session. To achieve this, test automation engineers use specific test automation framework software, such as Selenium, to execute and run a variety of web automated tests. Once each test is completed, an automated report can be generated to provide specific insights regarding the final results and outcomes.

Selenium is the most popular software testing framework and is mostly used for web based applications. One of the greatest benefits of using Selenium is that it is portable, can be installed on any server (such as cloud servers, shared server or dedicated servers) and can run simultaneous tests in popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Save Time

Save time by creating rules-driven automated tests to run in parallel with data-driven alerts or KPI driven alerts.

Reduce Costs

Hiring full time Dev Ops Test Engineers is very expensive. Reduce costs by building only the test cases that you need.

Boost Efficiency

Optimize your tests to improve productivity by configuring your alerts and notifications to be sent based on certain thresholds, SLAs or performance KPIs.

Automated Reports

Program your automated tests to automatically generate reports of final results based on pre-defined logic or based on certain metrics or KPIs.

Fully Customizable

Build your own custom test automation framework from ground up using open source tools such as Selenium.


Scale your automated tests to process more work as your business grows. You can also scale tests to run across multiple systems or networks.

Web Automated Test Cases


We offer web automation services and test automation services such as website testing, user login testing, API monitoring, API service testing and data driven testing.

Web Testing

Test your website, web forms, login pages and web based applications in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer using Selenium WebDriver.

Validate input fields, inspect elements and tags, take screenshots, test upload & download capability and more. (Java, GeckoDriver)

API Services Testing

Maintain your Service Level Agreement (SLA) on Uptime and Latency.

Test your web Application Program Interface (API) via HTTP GET and POST requests using Selenium and cURL.
(API Monitoring, Java, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON)

Data-Driven Testing

Test your data sources from flat files, CSV files, Excel, ODBC sources and SQL Databases using Automated Data-Driven Testing (DDT) and Action-Based Testing approach.
(VBS, Command-Line Interface (CLI), PowerShell, Java)

Automated Testing Benefits & ROI

There are many benefits to test automation and the Return on Investment (ROI) varies based on different factors. When comparing Manual Testing vs Automated Testing, manual tests are proven to cost more time and money in the long run, whereas automated tests require an initial upfront cost and requires very little time or money to sustain.

Manual Testing - Requires both TIME and MONEY for every manual test. This is very expensive in the long run.
Automated Testing - Requires ONE-TIME initial investment and minimal time and money in the long run.

Manual Testing vs Automated Testing - Return on Investment (ROI)